Uber luxury car requirements

Uber Lux Car Requirements

The final piece to the puzzle. The most expensive of all the car services that Uber provides. Uber Luxury truly is that high end vehicle.

When you want an enjoyable, smooth, comfortable ride, doing so in style. You go for Uber Lux. A premium service for a premium price.

But, this also means higher fares for all those Uber drivers out there, or soon to be drivers.

This page will be dedicated to showing you what exactly the Uber Lux car requirements are to qualify to drive for Uber.

If you would like to see the car requirements for other Uber services just click below on any of the services you would like to drive for.

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What Is Uber Lux

Uber Luxury (Lux for short) is the highest premium service Uber has for requesting a ride.

You truly aren’t in Kansas anymore.

The types of vehicles used for Uber Lux can be anything from a Jaguar to a Bentley to even a Rolls Royce.

If you have the money to spend for a Luxurious ride. This one be the one.

And of course, if you already own one these kinds of vehicles, now is the perfect opportunity to show off your flashy car while making money doing it.

Uber Car Requirements

Each Uber service has a different set of car requirements. Uber Lux has the highest requirements out of all the service.

Of course, this is also why you make the most money per Uber trip as well.

Every person that wants to be an Uber driver must meet these basic requirements regardless of the Uber service you choose to drive for:

  • You must be 21 years of age or older.
  • You must Have a U.S. Driver license for at least a year.
  • You must have an in-state Drivers License.
  • You must have in-state license plates
  • Have current car registration
  • Car Insurance reaching the minimal state requirements (Name must show on your policy)
  • You must have a clean driving record.
  • You must pass a criminal background check.

Uber Lux Car Requirements

Below is a list of the car requirements to qualify to be an Uber Lux driver:

  • Model Year: Must be 2009 or newer*
    • 2009 or newer: Indianapolis
    • 2010 or newer: South Florida
    • 2012 or newer: Los Angeles
  • Body Type: Must be a 4-door vehicle
  • Seating: Must comfortably seat 4 or more passengers
  • Can be a sedan, crossover SUV, or full-size SUV (full list of eligible vehicles is available below)
  • Must have commercial insurance
  • Must have a TCP permit
  • Must have a city-specific airport permit, when required
  • Vehicle must be in excellent condition
  • No marked, taxi, or salvage titled vehicles
  • Must pass the Uber car inspection

* Car year requirements vary by city and are subject to change at Uber’s discretion.

Also, Uber Select is only in a few cities

Eligible Cars For Uber Lux

The most premium car service only deserves the most luxurious vehicles. Below I created a list of eligible vehicles in the Los Angeles Market.

Most cities don’t have the car service so I didn’t spend as much effort looking at different cities.

Always check with your local Uber rep. to see if your car qualifies for Uber Lux providing your city actually has the car service.

Eligible Cars:

  • Audi-A8
  • Bentley- All 4-door models
  • BMW-7 Series
  • Jaguar-XJ
  • Land Rover- Range Rover
  • Lexus-LS
  • Maybach- All 4-door models
  • Mercedes Benz- S Class
  • Mercedes Benz- G Class
  • Porsche- Panamera
  • Rolls Royce- All 4-door models
  • Tesla- Model S


So there you have it. Those are the car requirements for being an Uber Luxury driver. This is the service that will make you the most money providing there is enough demand in your area.

Click on the link to claim your cash sign up bonus and start driving for Uber. If you have any questions leave a comment below.

This is the final page for all the Uber Car requirements. If you are ready to become a driver, I created a step-by-step guide for you on how to become an Uber driver. Check it out!



12 thoughts on “Uber Lux Car Requirements

  1. This is a useful article and very topical for me as I have a few friends who have thought about coming Uber drivers.

    I read the requirements and soon realised they were relevant to the the U.S. I’m guessing the same sort of requirements apply to the UK – do you know where I could find out?


    • Hey Louise,

      You are correct. For the most part, the driver requirements are the same for both the U.S. and U.K. but you can go to Uber’s website to see what’s relevant for where you live. Here’s the link.

  2. So my brand new black 250 SLK Mercedes-Benz hard top convertible doesn’t qualify for UBER anything I guess?

    • Hey Jason,
      Although I don’t know how the money is, You could always do UberEats It’s the one thing you could do with a two door car.
      Best Regards,

    • Manuel,
      I know how you feel. I had a friend that has a 2-door BMW that applied for Uber. Every thing was good until he did the vehicle inspection and was told Uber doesn’t allow two door vehicles. I didn’t realize it at first. He used my referral code so we would both get a sign up bonus. It was $600 each after he completed 20 trips. But never got the bonus:(
      As a customer, I would’ve been cool with getting picked up in a two door car, but maybe demand isn’t good enough.
      Best Regards,

  3. I’d like to use my 2012 R8 as a driver and i don’t understand why there is a policy that prohibits vehicles under four door. I would think that it would at least be a awesome option.

    • Hey David,
      It definitely sucks that 2 doors don’t get approved. I can assume I understand it. It’s a little more work to put people in your car when it’s a two door. My friend wanted to drive his BMW, but couldn’t because of the 2 door restriction. Me personally, I would be totally fine moving the seat getting into the back when there’s multiple people getting in. Especially when it’s a car like your R8.
      Best Regards,

  4. Hi Brandon,

    Uber got into trouble here in Indonesia with the taxi unions … They should have aimed for the luxury market like you. That way I can still get affordable luxury everytime I need to use a taxi.

    Instead I use uber when I go overseas in Malaysia mostly … Uber us very popular there.

    All the best in your business Brandon,


    • Hey Apeng,

      Unfortunately not every country is willing to accept Uber as a new transportation option yet. I did look up Indonesia and read there’s been a lot of protest and even some violent riots and attacks from non supporters.

      It appears parts of Indonesia has banned Uber while other cities like Jakarta has finally started accepting them as a viable option.

      But, we will see what happens in the future because going from what I’ve read everybody’s still on edge over there.

      Sooner or later things will get better in other countries, but even in the U.S. where Uber started there are many states and cities that still won’t allow Uber to operate in.

      Best Regards,


  5. We truly aren’t in kansas anymore!! That just describes the way I feel when I walk out of any airport and see the Land Rovers and the Mercedes sitting there. I had no idea that Uber offered a luxury service. Obviouisly Uber is far bigger and more advanced than I had imagined.

    • Certainly not in Kansas anymore. Haha. I know it’s crazy to think that people can get high end luxury vehicles to drive them around when ever they feel like for a fair price.

      Uber has become huge and now is considered to be worth more than some car companies like Fords and GMC. Plus, they only seem to be getting bigger as the months pass by. Definetly check out UberLux at some point. I think you’ll love the car you’re in.

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