Uber Black Car Requirements

Uber Black Car Requirements

This is where the requirements to drive become a lot stricter and a lot more expensive. While some cars from Uber Select will qualify for Uber Black, you still have to hold a higher standard to drive on this platform.

But, just like how the platforms before had higher fares, this ride-share platform will theoretically make you even more money.

This page will be dedicated to showing you what the Uber Black car requirements are to qualify to drive.

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What Is Uber Black

Uber Black is what can sometimes be called “The Original Uber”. You won’t be driving a Prius or Camry if your on this platform. It’s a lot more luxurious and all the cars are required to be black. Hence the name.

Uber Car Requirements

Each Uber service has a different set of car requirements. Uber Black is meant for the more professional drivers out there, which is also the reason why it cost more to use as a passenger.

Every person that wants to be an Uber driver must meet these basic requirements regardless of the Uber service you choose to drive for:

  • You must be 21 years of age or older.
  • You must Have a U.S. Driver license for at least a year.
  • You must have an in-state Drivers License.
  • You must have in-state license plates
  • Have current car registration
  • Car Insurance reaching the minimal state requirements (Name must show on your policy)
  • You must have a clean driving record.
  • You must pass a criminal background check.

Uber Black Car Requirements

Below is a list of the car requirements to qualify to be an Uber Black driver:

  • Model Year: Must be 2010 or newer*
    • 2010 or newer: New Jersey, Atlanta, Houston
    • 2012 or newer: San Francisco,  Washington D.C, Seattle
    • 2013 or newer: Los Angeles
    • 2014 or newer: Chicago
  • Body Type: Must have 4 independently opening doors
  • Vehicles must be in great condition
  • You must have commercial car insurance
  • You must have a Transportation Charter Party Carrier permit (TCP)
  • Most cities you need an airport permit
  • Vehicles must be a sedan, crossover SUV or full-size SUV
  • Black exterior
  • Black interior – leather or vegan leather interior required
  • Comfortably seats 4+ passengers (excluding the driver)
  • No commercial branding or taxi color paint jobs
  • No marked, taxi, or salvage titled vehicles
  • No rental vehicles
  • Must pass the Uber car inspection

* Car year requirements vary by city and are subject to change at Uber’s discretion.

Eligible Cars For Uber Black

Before you even get to the eligible car you need to have higher standards with the black colored car and commercial car insurance. So, of course this means higher standards with the types of vehicles that qualify to drive as well.

Below is a list of eligible cars to drive for Uber Black.

Note: not all cars listed below will be eligible in every market. Please check with your local Uber rep.

Eligible Cars:

  • Acura
    • MDX
    • RLX
    • RL
  • Audi
    • A6
    • Q7
  • BMW
    • 5GT
    • 7 series
    • X5
  • Cadillac
    • DTS
    • XTS
    • CTS
  • Infinity
    • Q50
    • QX56
    • QX80
  • Jaguar
    • XF
    • XJ
  • Lexus
    • ES
    • GS
    • LS
    • RX
    • GX
  • Merceds-Benz
    • E-class
    • S-class
    • ML-class
  • Porshe
    • Panamera
    • Cayenne
  • Range Rover
    • Landrover LR4
    • Range Rover
    • Range Rover Sport
  • Tesla
    • Model S


So there you have it. Those are the car requirements for being an Uber Black driver.

Unless you already have the permits, carry the commercial car insurance, and own one of these more high-end sedans, I would not recommend starting on Uber Black because it is a lot more costly, but can theoretically make you more money with the higher fares.

Click on the link to  Learn How to Become an Uber driver in 3 easy steps. If you have any questions leave a comment below.

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30 thoughts on “Uber Black Car Requirements

  1. Living in Ft. Myers, FL 33913, driving a black exterior, leather interior Hyundai Genesis with 29,000. miles..new to Uber, retired Commercial Airline Pilot. Interested in driving for Uber…your recommendation as to what level to start? Does my vehicle qualify for UberBlack in this location?
    Thank you in advance !

    • Hey Captain,
      Uber Black actually isn’t in your area, but you can drive Uber Select. Before you qualify for Select you must take about 50 rides on Uberx which is the lowest tier platform. After you take the 50 or so rides you should automatically get opted in for Uber Select. I wrote an article showing you how to become an Uber driver. You can check it out here!
      Best Regards,

    • Hey Stephen again,
      Chevy Tahoe isn’t considered a luxury car. So the Tahoe doesn’t qualify for any of the more premium services. But you should be able to do UberXL still which is still higher fares.
      Best Regards,

  2. I own a 2009 Cadillac CTS Base and I was wondering if I qualify for uber black? I live in Phoenix, AZ. My vehicle has a black exterior and interior with leather seats.

    • Hey Herbert,
      I checked your city and it looks like you only qualify for Uber Select and uberX. Uber Select should help you get higher earnings.
      Best Regards,

  3. I’m interested in the uber black, but I have a 2014 White E350, with black interior. Does it qualify for uber black?

    • Hey Tran,
      It depends which city you are in, but an E350 does qualify in some cities. However Uber Black cars also require black exterior meaning black paint. So yours specifically wouldn’t qualify for that reason.
      Best Regards,

  4. Hello, I’m a new Uber driver and I have a 2012 Cadillac CTS in Tampa, FL. Can you tell me if my vehicle qualifies for Select or Black? Thank you.

    • Hey Tony,
      Your Cadillac qualifies for Uber Select. Looks like your market upgrades you automatically once your rating is good, and you’ve taken enough rides. Let me know if you are getting Select requests after you take 100 rides.
      Best Regards,

  5. I just came from uber office.tha guy that works there sad that can’t register my lincoln mks 2014 on my uber black accountant bicous is too old..i just bought this car planning to drive it in uber black fleet.looking at this page above,you can see that the car can be 2014 and older.i have all required documents for this car in city off Chicago.

    • Hey Miljan,
      It’s unfortunate that your Lincoln doesn’t qualify for Uber Black. Looking at their website it says 2015 or newer(My page is showing San Francisco car years). However, you can still drive Uber Select. You qualify for that service, which is still more premium than UberX.
      Best Regards,

  6. I’ve doing uber for a month now. The things is my car is a Grand Cherokee 13. Can i qualify for Black? Everything in my car is black. Leather. Excellent condition. Don’t know why I’m doing uberX

    • Hey Daniel,
      UberBlack is tough to qualify for. UberX is the only thing you qualify for, unfortunately. Where do you drive?
      Best Regards,

  7. Hey. I am looking to move to Atlanta and start with UberBlack because they do not have UberLux in Atlanta. Not sure if they are going to get it. Does anyone know if they will be offering UberLux outside of LA. Also the costs of permitting for UberBlack. I will be driving a 2012 Porsche Panamera. Should I get a 2013 Panamera. It seems like for UberBlack it has to be within the past four years of the current year? I have a clean record driving and otherwise. I am 30 and have had zero accidents since my permit. Only a couple speeding tickets when I was 16. What can I roughly estimate making on a bad night and a good night. Any idea’s. I guess I can sign up for Lyft as well. If they have the same requirements. Thanks for any help.

    • Hey Dan,
      Good Luck on your move. Hope everything works out for you. Nice car you got there by the way. As far as permits for becoming an UberBlack driver, I’m sure that varies city to city so I couldn’t help you there. I think I’ve heard they’re expensive. Were you looking to drive full-time?

      Sounds like you don’t need to worry about your driving record being an issue. It’s clean obviously. Before you start getting permits and stuff though you should try UberX and maybe Select first. Make sure it’s a right fit.

      Each city varies on what’s considered a good night and bad night. So I wouldn’t know Atlanta since I don’t live there.
      I wish I could help more, but the more premium services I haven’t really been able to explore much.
      Best Regards,

  8. Hi . I’m planning to be part of uber . I want to get a luxury car like 2016 Mercedes Benz C 300 ? I live in the Bay Area , Northern California . Is this Mercedes qualified as UBER SELECT OR BLACK?

  9. I have a 2014 Ford Escape fully loaded all the bells and whistles. Panoramic moon roof black interior black leather Crome wheel black exterior my previous customers have asked do I drive for Uber black. I already carry commercial insurance because I have two other businesses. How can I get my vehicle approved even though it’s not on the list? Everyone who gets in my truck is amazed an escape can be so nice.

    • Hey Amanda,
      Unfortunately, I haven’t heard of anyone driving a truck on Uber Black. I don’t believe trucks qualify higher than UberX. You can always try convincing Uber support, but I’m not sure how good your chances are.
      Best Regards,

  10. I have a misdemeanor on my record from 2008 which has been marked considered. I emailed uber and the response was its currently being reviewed by Raiser. It’s almost 9 years old, will this cause me to be denied?

    • Hey Valerie
      I don’t think there will be any issues regarding your background check. I believe they only go back 7 years, although I could be wrong. Either way, it wasn’t a felony so I’m assuming the offense wasn’t that bad.
      Best Regards,

    • Hey Dongrong,
      In the LA market your vehicle has to be 2008 or newer to qualify(2009 once 2016 is over). Since your car is 2005 it’s, unfortunately, not new enough to qualify.
      Best Regards,

  11. I have been driving with Uber for more than a year in Washington DC, having a very clean record and excellent ratings. I recently acquired a very neat and all-black 2011 MDX ACURA and will like to transition to Uber Black. What I’m I suppose to do? Thanks

    • Hey Edwin,
      Considering you have already been driving for Uber for awhile, you should be able to send them a message requesting to be upgraded. Just make sure all your documents are uploaded for your new car. Also don’t forget to meet the requirements such as commercial insurance, airport permits(if applicable), etc..
      You will be making more money per trip, but also remember the cost for driving also become higher. Just make sure you weigh the difference of cost before you go full blown.
      Best Regards,

  12. I just purch the 2016 Maxima Platinum. Has Ascott Leather, 8″ Nav, panoramic roof, etc. Will my car qualify in GA for select?

    • Hey Eugene,
      The only place I’ve seen a Nissan Maxima get approved for Select was from North Carolina. He left a comment on my website about it for me. However, I can’t find a list saying your vehicle qualifies in Georgia. My best bet would be I would send an email to Uber support. Because your vehicle is super new you might be able to qualify.

  13. When you say a clean driving record?
    What if I have a accident on my record will I be able to still drive for uber ?

    • Hey Anthony,
      mistakes happen and one accident shouldn’t hurt you unless it was something like a DUI charge. Uber only goes back 3 years on your driving record so you should be golden if the accident was past 3 years ago.
      My recommendation, if you are looking to drive, is to just sign up and apply. The worst that can happen is you don’t get approved. I also do have friends that drive for Uber that have been in car accidents themselves.
      Since they are driving you should be able to as well.
      Best Regards,

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