What Are The Uber Driver Requirements

What Are The Uber Driver Requirements?

In order to drive for Uber you need to know the requirements. While you can always go directly to Uber’s website, they aren’t always 100% clear on everything.

So, I wanted to make it easier for you. Today, I gathered everything together and created one page for you to read about the Uber driver requirements that you’ll need to meet to qualify to drive.

Uber Driver Requirements

In a nutshell, these are your basic requirements to become an Uber driver.

  • You must be at least 21 years old
  • You must have access to a 4-door car that is year 2002 or newer in most cities
    • 2002 or newer: Los Angeles, San Francisco
    • 2004 or newer: Tucson, Phoenix
    • 2005 or newer: New Jersey
    • 2008 or newer: New York
  • You must have in-state auto insurance with your name on the policy
  • Must have an in-state driver license, licensed in the US for at least one year
  • In-state plates with current registration (commercial plates are acceptable as well)
  • Pass a background check and a driving record check

While these requirements are pretty straightforward, I’ve decided to give you a more detailed review of all these requirements below. So, read on to see.

You Must Be Able To Use A 4-Door Car That Is 15 Years Old (2002) Or Newer (Newer Year In Some Cities)

For the most part this requirement is pretty straightforward. I would never recommend buying a car that just barely meets this requirement.

For example, if you get say a 2001 year old car, the next year you won’t meet the vehicle year requirements because then it will be 2017 and your car will now be 16 years old.

And yes, if your car doesn’t have 4 doors your car won’t be approved, even if it is a really nice car. It does state that on the Uber website and my friend tried applying with his 2 door BMW and it didn’t work even though it’s a $50,000 car.

Also, make sure your car can seat 4 passengers (excluding the driver) so that way there’s enough room to pick up a group of people.

The last thing to take note of is “salvage” vehicles. They are not allowed.

If you don’t have a vehicle that’s OK also. All you need to do is sign up to drive and once approved you can have the option to get a car through Uber’s car financing program.

Your Car Must Pass The Uber Car Inspection

When you decide to become an Uber driver you need to have your car inspected. Depending where you live, you can get a free car inspection by one of Uber’s mechanic locations.

I even got a $100 bonus from Uber just for getting my car inspected by them. Of course, if you would rather have your own personal mechanic do the inspection, that’s fine too.

You just need to make sure he is approved by Uber.

The inspection should only take about 10 minutes. You will get checked for simple things like;

  • Are your mirrors working?
  • Does your seat belts work for all the seats?
  • Do you have any headlights or taillights out?
  • Is your windshield cracked?
  • etc…

Here is an example of what an Uber inspection form would like.

Uber vehicle inspections are performed every 12 months. So, make sure you are keeping your car maintained even after you pass the first inspection or you won’t get approved the second time you go.

Uber Vehicle Registration Requirements

One of the requirements to drive with Uber is to provide your vehicle registration. Even if your name is not on the registration you still need to upload the document to Uber.

It’s perfectly fine and legal to not have your name on the registration and still drive for Uber providing you have your name on the insurance policy for that car.

Uber Insurance Requirements

Most states in the U.S. already require you to have some form of car insurance to legally drive. So this requirement should be pretty simple for you.

You just need to make sure your insurance meets the minimum state requirements to drive for Uber. This does mean if it’s only liability, you should be fine.

However, I am gonna recommend that you try to get full coverage if possible because you never know what can happen. You’ll be on the road a lot more which means your chances for a car accident does increase.

When you upload the insurance card to Uber you need to make sure your name shows on the policy or it won’t be accepted even if you are covered on that policy.

Side note: Not all insurance companies will cover you if you tell them you are driving for Uber

Your Driver License Must Be In-State And Licensed To Drive In The U.S. For At Least One Year.

If your driver license is not from the same state you plan on driving in then you won’t be able to drive. Of course, if you are living in that state you should have already changed your license.

Also, you need to make sure you have been driving in the U.S. for at least one year. It would be pretty scary getting in an Uber vehicle and the driver told you they just got their license 2 weeks ago.

Even if you have driven internationally for 30 years, if you haven’t driven a full year in the U.S. you won’t get approved. Every state and every country has different laws in regards to driving (many similar laws).

So, it is best to know that states rules before you start anyways so you don’t get pulled over and receive a fat ticket for something you weren’t aware of.

In-state License Plates With Current Registration

I’ve already talked about the registration a little bit. But just to add on something, you need to make sure your registration is current and you have in-state license plates.

I would never be a big fan of getting in an Uber vehicle in San Francisco, if the license plates read North Dakota. It’s super sketchy, and I would feel that person is picking up rides in the wrong state.

Pass A Background Check And Driving Record Check

Not every person will feel safe getting picked up by someone that has had a DUI or a criminal charge on their record. Because of this Uber runs a thorough background check and driving record check. The check goes back seven years and will ask questions like;

  • Have you had a DUI in the last seven years?
  • Have you been caught doing reckless driving?
  • Have you been in any car accidents?
  • Have you committed any crimes?
  • What kind of crimes have you committed?

If your driving record is clean and you haven’t had any issues with the law then there will be a good chance you pass with flying colors.

If you have gotten a few speeding tickets or had a minor offense with the law, but still want to drive. You can still sign up and give it a shot. The worst that would happen is you don’t get approved, but you won’t know until you try.

If for some odd reason you fail but feel everything should be good, just send Uber an email to find out what disqualified you. Maybe it’s a mistake or something you could fix.

What If I Want To Drive For Uber Black? What Are The Uber Black driver Requirements?

Honestly, if you have never driven for Uber I would recommend doing Uberx first before attempting to do Uber Black. It’s a much higher commitment for using a more premium service.

On top of the requirements that you already have to be able to drive you will also need things like;

  • Commercial Car Insurance
  • Airport permit in some cities
  • A TCP permit
  • A More Luxury Style car

Click on the link For more details about the Uber Black Car requirements

How Do You Apply To Become An Uber Driver?

Becoming an Uber driver is pretty straightforward. It only involves a few simple steps. Click on the link for a more detailed guide on how to become an Uber driver.

Below is a quick summary on how to drive for Uber.

Step 1- Complete The Uber application

Step 2-  Get your vehicle inspected at one of Uber’s inspection locations or by an approved 3rd party mechanic

Step 3- Wait for your background and drivers check to clear

Step 4- Start Driving as an Uber driver!


The simplest way to see if you qualify as an Uber driver is to sign up yourself and see if you pass. The process is fast and easy and you can be driving within the week if everything checks out.








10 thoughts on “What Are The Uber Driver Requirements?

  1. I’m active duty military with a DL from FL (20 years). I’m in another state but due to my military status I don’t have to change my DL to every state they send me. Is there any exception for military personnel regarding to the in-state DL? All the other requirements are good to go, please advise?

    • Hey Roberto,
      First off, thank you for your service. I respect and appreciate anyone that puts on a military uniform. Second, I’m honestly not sure if there is an exception. If you meet all of the other requirements then I recommend just signing up and seeing if things work out. I would probably go to one of Uber’s Greenlight hub offices and explain the situation in-person to them and show your military I.D. Because of your service, I don’t see why Uber wouldn’t try to make an exception if possible.
      Please let me know if everything worked out for you. It would be awesome for them to make an exception!
      Best Regards,

    • Hey Oscar,
      you won’t be able to drive for UberX, but you could always do something else like deliver food with UberEats.
      Best Regards,

  2. I have signed up for Uber and have passed everything but the inspection, which I am in my way to now. I have a small crack on the left side of window, which is not in my way at all. Do you know if this will pass?


    • Hey Darci,
      It may depend on the person that inspects your car. Maybe if the crack is smaller than a quarter they’ll pass you. It may just depend on how noticeable the damage is to. But also remember. I know in a lot of states if your windshield crack is too big you could get a “Fix it” Ticket if pulled over. Keep that in mind. Worst comes to worst, you can get the car inspected and if they don’t pass you then get the Windshield fixed and try again. If the crack is small enough, it may only cost like $50 to repair it.
      Best Regards,

  3. Very informative for anyone looking to start driving for Uber. It’s great that companies like this are popping up and creating decent paying jobs for a lot of people in these large cities. It’s unfortunate if you don’t meet the vehicle requirements, but I suppose it’s necessary to keep a their drivers to a high standard. Personally, I’ve always had a positive experience when using Uber. I can imagine it’s a pretty good company to work for.

    • Hey Rob,

      Glad you enjoyed the read. Vehicle requirements and background information is pretty straightforward and most people pass all the qualifications pretty easily. And of course, Yes, you do need to have set standard or things can become chaotic with cars breaking down etc… in the middle of driving someone to their destination. While there are plenty of people that aren’t so happy with Uber, I feel they’ve always helped me accomplish what I’m trying to do. I don’t consider them a forever job, and eventually it could be self-driving cars taking our place as drivers, but until then you have the flexibility and freedom to set your life up how you want things to turn out. This is a job the gives you flexibility to pursue your dreams, and I honestly believe that.

      Best Regards,


  4. I was just talking to one of my buddies the other day and the subject of Uber came up. It’s something that is not very old if I’m not mistaken. I do think it’s quite groovy that someone created a website dedicated to Uber and Uber driving. I will point my guy in your direction. Awesome job on the page. I love the way you’ve got it laid out.

    • Hey Torrey,

      Glad that you love the website. Definitely let your friend know about my website as I do plan on posting a lot more content in the near future. This will be a great resource for anyone interested in driving for Uber, and I’ll be adding some free training too.

      Best Regards,


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