Are Uber And Lyft Drivers Required To Allow Pets Or Service Animals In Their Car?

Are Uber And Lyft Drivers Required To Allow Pets Or Service Animals In Their Car?

There’s been a lot of confusion about Uber’s service animal policy and whether or not drivers have to accept any type of animal in their cars. Today, I want to clarify what a service animal is defined as, the law of accepting service animals, and some tips dealing with the situation. This can apply for … Read more

How To Contact An Uber Passenger

contacting your uber passeneger

It’s 10 past midnight, and tomorrow you have an early day. But everyone is trying to make extra money and this includes you too. You have a day job and the pay isn’t terrible, but it doesn’t give you any extra spending money once you have taken care of all of your bills. I remember … Read more

5 Different Methods Of Making Money With Uber

Don’t we all want to make money? People say money doesn’t buy happiness, but wealthy people are a whole lot happier than poor people. It’s because with money you have freedom. You can afford to take a vacation of your choice. You have the freedom to go hiking for a week because you aren’t living … Read more

How To Use The Uber Partner (Driver) App

When you start driving for Uber you need to know how everything works. The problem is Uber doesn’t exactly teach you how everything works adequately. Ya, there are some training videos, but with the app constantly being updated some of the information is a little outdated compared to the functionality of the app now. This … Read more

7 Best Cars You Should Use To Drive For Uber

7 best cars to drive for uber

When becoming an Uber or Lyft driver buying a new car is a thought on a lot of people’s minds. Since you are chauffeuring people around town in your ride you want to find the best car suitable for an Uber driver. Today, I’m going to talk briefly about 7 different cars that I feel … Read more

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