States And Cities Lyft Is Currently Available In 2017

Cities and states Lyft is available in

Currently, Lyft is operating in over 400 cities in 45 states of the U.S.A. plus Washington D.C. While they are not as big as Uber, They are trying to steal the market share and dominate the U.S. Below you will find a list of all the states and cities Lyft is currently available in. Just … Read more

The Effects Of Rating An Uber Passenger Poorly

Can your Uber passenger rating actually affect you? Let me tell you a story and explain the effects of a poor-rated Uber passenger

On the Uber platform both the driver and passenger rate each other anything from a 1-5 star depending on the satisfaction with one another. If you are an Uber driver and receive enough low star ratings you can get kicked off the platform. But what about the Uber passengers? Is there any negative effects to … Read more

The 7 Step Application Process To Becoming A Lyft Driver In 2017

2017 lyft driver application process

To some people, it’s still pretty magical to hear about someone being able to work whenever they choose to. Weekdays or Weekends, Morning or night shifts, you get to choose. When people here about this and the amount of money you could potentially make driving for Lyft, their interest might peak and provoke them into … Read more

2017 Lyft Driver Requirements And Vehicle Requirements

2017 Lyft Driver and Vehicle requirements for becoming a Lyft Driver

So you probably want to sign up for Lyft, But you may be a little nervous about applying. You’re wondering if your application will get rejected or if you will pass all of Lyft’s requirements. Is your vehicle up to par? How many speeding tickets have you had in the last year? What about your … Read more