Uber And Lyft Driver Dress Code Explained

The Uber driver and Lyft driver dress code is simple. There is no dress code

For many people, driving for Uber and Lyft is their first time making money without having a boss tell them what to do. There isn’t really any formal training, which ends up making new drivers wonder how they are supposed to prepare for their first day of work. One question Uber and Lyft drivers ask … Read more

Are Uber And Lyft Drivers Required To Allow Pets Or Service Animals In Their Car?

Are Uber And Lyft Drivers Required To Allow Pets Or Service Animals In Their Car?

There’s been a lot of confusion about Uber’s service animal policy and whether or not drivers have to accept any type of animal in their cars. Today, I want to clarify what a service animal is defined as, the law of accepting service animals, and some tips dealing with the situation. This can apply for … Read more

How To Request An Uber Cleaning Fee After A Passenger Creates A Mess In Your Car

How to request an Uber cleaning fee after a passeneger creates a mess in your vehicle

When an Uber Passenger makes a mess spilling a drink, or worse, vomits in your car it can turn what was suppose to be a money making night into a night of lost wages. You may not get paid what you estimate you lost in money (I lost $150 when someone vomited in my car), … Read more

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